Open-air museums  belong to the most visited sights in Slovakia. Every year thousands of tourists visit these places to admire the traditional architecture of the Slovak village. You can find buildings here which could not stay preserved at their original places. Due to the fire prevention the buildings cannot be placed close to each other, therefore the original layout is different as it used to be in the past. Not only the old houses (mostly wooden) but also the furniture and all objects of the daily life can give a picture about the life in past. Strolling along the museum you will be able to feel the real atmosphere of the Slovak village centuries ago.

There are several open-air museums in Slovakia reflecting specific features of the regions. To the most famous museums belong Museum of the Slovak village, the Museum of the Liptov Village, the Museum of the Orava village and the Museum of the Kysuce Village which also houses a unique technical sight – Logging Back Swath Railway.

Contrary to open-air museums the mountain village of Vlkolinec ("wolf village") with traditional Slovak wooden architecture is a live village. Here we may feel as if time stopped 200 years ago. To find out more about Vlkolínec, click here