Slovakiska bergen

The Slovak nature is magnigficent and admirable... high mountains with deep valleys in the north, lower mountains and woods cover most of the central, western and eastern parts of Slovakia, rich fauna and flora, lakes, rivers, vineyards on the slopes of the lower mountains in the south.  Mountains belong to one of the characteristics of Slovakia. Hills and mountains cover 60% of the area and are noted for high elevation differences and unique relief. All different types can be found here: starting from peaceful hills in the western and eastern parts of the country changing to mountain ranges with rocky peaks and narrow valleys in the north. The High Tatras are not only the highest mountains of the Carpathian range, but are also the smallest alpine type of mountains in the world.  For its beauty and diversity Slovakia has been known as splendid hiking and trekking region in Central Europe. Many hikers especially from the neighbouring countries visit Slovakia every year. Those who do not know this little piece of land in the heart of Europe and come to Slovakia for the first time are amazed by the numerous hiking and trekking paths and climbing opportunities.  Although the High Tatras are the best known mountains, Slovakia offers fantastic hiking experience in others as well. Below are listed the best known mountain ranges and some of the most interesting trekking and hiking trails. These are just some examples, there are many other options of various difficulties at each place.