Trekking paths


Walking/hiking paths are graded from - 1-5

Grade 1: Easy walking, gentle pace; walking on gentle slopes and along valleys with only small ascents/descents; walking time up to 3 hours/day
Grade 3: Moderate terrain with ascents/descents up to 700-800m; daily walking up to 6-7 hours
Grade 5: Heavy trekking, steep ascents/descents can exceed 1000 m incl. rocks, climbing supported by chains. Daily walking up to 10 hours


Trekking in the High Tatras

  • the only mountains of Alpine type in the whole Carpathian Mountain range
  • The High Tatras National Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • Slovakia's oldest national park
  • the highest peak in the territory of Slovakia - 2 655 meters above see level

Trekking in the Low Tatras

  • the Low Tatras are framed between picturesque valleys of the upper Váh and the small Hron River
  • the second most visited mountains in Slovakia
  • untouched forests, breath-taking views, cascading waterfalls, rich and active wildelife
  • the most largest Slovak national park

Trekking in the Western Tatras

  • The Western Tatras have over 20 crystal clear mountain lakes
  • Their valleys hide a lot of well-preserved authentic mountain folk architecture
  • the most beautiful part of the West Tatras - are the Roháče peaks

Trekking in the Malá (Lesser) Fatra

  • four native species, that are not found anywhere else in the world
  • The National Nature Reserve - Old castle -  ruined castle surrounded by old-growth forest
  • narrow canyons with waterfalls

Trekking in the Veľká (Great) Fatra

  • great diversity of native animal species:
    • butterflies – 932 kinds,
    • beetles – 717 kinds,
    • doublewinged bugs – 509 kinds
    • spiders - 350 kinds
  • the main characteristic features are wide meadows

Trekking in the Slovak Paradise

  • recently discovered species of butterflies, that do not live anywhere else in the world
  • the "Tomášovský výhľad"- look out point is a must-see destination in this mountain range
  • The Dobšinská Ice cave - one of the biggest caves in Europe
  • Bear's cave, where remains of a prehistoric cave bear Ursus spelaeus were found

Trekking in the Choč Mountains

  • the highest peak in the Choč Mountains - Choč (1 611 m)
  • unforgettable view over the surrounding region
  • the flora and fauna of Choč are extremely diverse
  • more than 60 endangered species