Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

You just have to say „I do“ – we take care of the „to do“

It is our pleasure to present you the most beautiful wedding venues the countries of Central Europe have to offer.  Whether you dream about a stylish fairy tale wedding in the former coronation city of Hungarian kings, in a noble castle, sky high in the mountains, in a lovely countryside or in a romantic vineyard or wine cellar, we will make your dreams come true.

We coordinate your entire event including flight, transfers and accommodation – even your honeymoon. Also assist you with decoration, catering, photography and everything else you may need in the finest detail. Share your ideas with us and based on your requirements we will pick out a location that will suit your imagination.

Feel free to contact us and let us transform your imagination and dreams to reality you will remember for a lifetime!


The Team of Corvinus Travel



Historical Luxury in the Tatras

  • renovated 400-year-old Renaissance manor house
  • romantic setting of the castle and the manor house
  • historical atmosphere and unforgettable romance
  • stylish historical chambers of the Manor House

Mountain Magic in the Tatras

  • the highest situated locations in Slovakia
  • right under the highest peaks of the Tatras
  • enjoy the mountain atmosphere
  • mountains, lakes and waterfalls
  • unique and beautiful views

Bratislava - the Pearl on the Blue Danube

  • St. Martin’s Cathedral - coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary for almost 300 years
  • Klarisky church - picturesque gothic desecrated church
  • Hall of Mirrors in Primatial Palace - the Treat of Bratislava was signed here in 1805 by Napoleon
  • Zichy Palace - serves as a venue for civil wedding ceremonies and cultural events

Old World Wine Wed

  • wedding in the red wine capital of Hungary
  • ceremony in an exclusive circular wine cellar chapel with unique acoustics
  • Mediterranean atmosphere of the surroundings
  • unique massages with the winery's home made grape-seed oil called "Vinotherapy"
  • wine-tour in the cellar for the hotel's guests

Traditional Rustic Elegance in the Hungarian Puszta

  • the hotel is located near the Kiskunság National Park
  • beautiful flowery and grassy garden
  • the rustic buildings of the facility
  • wedding celebration with a unique horse show
  • peaceful setting for the big event far away from the hustle and bustle of the city