Trekking paths


Did you know that Slovakia has the best marked system of trails in the world? You can walk on more than 15 000 km of paths in any mountain range and it's even hard to get lost!

The paths below are just a tiny fraction of all the hiking options and we are happy to guide you on any of them.

Walking/trekking path are graded 1-5.
Grade 1: Easy walking, gentle pace; walking on gentle slopes and along valleys with only small ascents/descents; walking time up to 3 hours/day
Grade 3: Moderate terrain with ascents/descents up to 700-800m; daily walking up to 6-7 hours
Grade 5: Heavy trekking, steep ascents/descents can exceed 1000 m incl. rocks, climbing supported by chains. Daily walking up to 10 hours


Trekking in the High Tatras

  • the only mountains of Alpine type in the whole Carpathian Mountain range
  • The High Tatras National Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
  • Slovakia's oldest national park
  • the highest peak in the territory of Slovakia - 2 655 meters above see level

Trekking in the Low Tatras

  • the Low Tatras are framed between picturesque valleys of the upper Váh and the small Hron River
  • the second most visited mountains in Slovakia
  • untouched forests, breath-taking views, cascading waterfalls, rich and active wildelife
  • the most largest Slovak national park

Trekking in the Western Tatras

  • The Western Tatras have over 20 crystal clear mountain lakes
  • Their valleys hide a lot of well-preserved authentic mountain folk architecture
  • the most beautiful part of the West Tatras - are the Roháče peaks

Trekking in the Malá (Lesser) Fatra

  • four native species, that are not found anywhere else in the world
  • The National Nature Reserve - Old castle -  ruined castle surrounded by old-growth forest
  • narrow canyons with waterfalls

Trekking in the Veľká (Great) Fatra

  • great diversity of native animal species:
    • butterflies – 932 kinds,
    • beetles – 717 kinds,
    • doublewinged bugs – 509 kinds
    • spiders - 350 kinds
  • the main characteristic features are wide meadows

Trekking in the Slovak Paradise

  • recently discovered species of butterflies, that do not live anywhere else in the world
  • the "Tomášovský výhľad"- look out point is a must-see destination in this mountain range
  • The Dobšinská Ice cave - one of the biggest caves in Europe
  • Bear's cave, where remains of a prehistoric cave bear Ursus spelaeus were found

Trekking in the Choč Mountains

  • the highest peak in the Choč Mountains - Choč (1 611 m)
  • unforgettable view over the surrounding region
  • the flora and fauna of Choč are extremely diverse
  • more than 60 endangered species