AquaRelax Dolný Kubín


The Aqua Relax water park at Dolný Kubín is a unique water word in the centre of Dolný Kubín.

The park offers water slides, a Wild River ride, rocking bay, bubblers, jets and massage showers, whirlpools, heated benches and more than 200 terrace deckchairs.

In the relaxation pool, you can find a number of attractions - the Wild River ride, rocking bay, bubblers, massage showers and a water mushroom. From a sightseeing platform under a glass pyramid, you can enjoy a unique view over the sky, water and earth. Visitors with impaired mobility can also access the relaxation pool. For those seeking fun and adrenaline, AquaRelax offers two slides with a length of  40 and  71 meters. The Niagara double slide with a length of  12.7 meters is another thriling experience. The Water World has two hot tubs and a steam bench. For the pleasure of children, there are two children's pools with a water fountain and bubblers linked with slides.
In the summer, visitors can enjoy the outdoor section of the water park.  Grass lawns with a total area of  200 m² adjoins a children's pool, playground, inflatable attractions, a climbing wall, rope park, playground, pedal carts, sun terrace with sun loungers and a snack buffet.

The stainless steel lined pool is  25 meters long and its depth is from 1 .05 m to 2. 00 m. The water has a temperature of 27°C. It's a perfect venue not only for relaxation, but also for professional swimming, swimming competitions, workshops, educational courses and swimming with the youngest children. 

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