Levoča, Spišský Hrad and the Associated Cultural Monuments

Levoča is a little town with big treasure located in the North-East of Slovakia. Since 2009 is has been added to the World Heritage List. Levoča is located in the Spiš region, which offers another UNESCO SITE - the Spiš Castle and the surroundings. These are rich in great opportunities how to spend your time here - a unique national park - Slovak Paradise, little hills surrounding the town and numerous historical monuments make this district a perfect place to spend your holiday! 

Spiš Castle
The origins of the castle comes from the 12th century, but even in earlier times there was a Celtic settlement. Until the end of the 17th century the castle has been settled and it used to be the main seat of the district administrator. The castle has a monumental architecture and offers its visitor unforgettable views. What has to be mentioned is that the castle and its area of more than 4 ha belong among the biggest castle complexes in Central Europe.