AquaRelax Dolný Kubín

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AquaRelax Dolný Kubín is unique water work in the centre of Dolný Kubín.

There are the water slides, wild river, rocking bay, bubblers, jets and massage showers, whirlpools, heating benches and more than 200 sun loungers on the terrace.

In the relaxing pool you can have fun on attractions such as Wild River, rocking bay, but also in bubblers, massage showers and water mushroom.  From a sightseeing platform under a glass pyramid, you can enjoy special view on heaven, water and earth. Entry to the relaxation pool is also wheelchair. For those who always want more and more fun and adrenaline, AquaRelax offers two slides with a length of 40 and 71 meters. Great experience also arrange doubleslides Niagara length of 12.7 meters. The part of the Water World are also two hot tubs and steam bench. For the pleasure of the smallest  there are two children's pools with water hedgehog and bubblers linked with slides.
In the summer, visitors can enjoy outdoor area of aquapark.  Grassy area with an area of 200 m² in scenery offers a children's pool, playground, inflatable attractions, a climbing wall, rope park, playground, pedal carts, sun terrace with sun loungers and a snack buffet.

You can find at us stainless swimming pool only one in Slovakia. The pool is 25 meters long and its depth is from 1.05 meters to 2.00 meters. The water has a temperature of 27 C. It's the perfect place for your leisure, but also professional swimming, swimming organizing competitions, workshops, educational courses and swimming for the smallest children.