Brusno Medical Spa

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Brusno Medical Spa is situated in the heart of Slovakia, in the valley of the Slovak Ore Mountains (Slovenské Rudohorie), at the south-western foot of the mountain Vepor and the Hell valley (Peklo). The spa is surrounded by conifer forests with their typical velvet aroma.

Its unique location, only a few kilometres north-east of Banská Bystrica, in the Upper Hron valley full of forests, offers undisturbed quietness, fresh air and breath-taking natural environment. The medical spa has favourable, warm and damp sub-montane climate.

For medical treatment we use natural healing water from local mineral springs. Our healing water can be characterised as „natural, slightly acidulous, highly mineralised, hydrogene-carbonate-sulphate-calcerous-magnesium mineral water“ with increased amounts of hydrogene-carbonates sulphates, calcium, magnesium and fluorid ion. Our natural healing water is originally cold.

Four mineral springs are used – Ondrej, Ludvik, Paula and Dumbier. All springs have practically identical chemical composition, they are all used for drinking cure. The Ondrej spring is also used for mineral carbonate baths.

Procedures provided in medical spa:

  • Bath
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Massages
  • Thermotherapy
  • Other Proceduries



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