Trekking in the Low Tatras


The smaller brother of the High Tatras spreads on the southern side of the basin. From the ridge you can admire the beauty of the High Tatras and vice versa.

Trekking path 1Demänovská valley (1120 m) – Luková (1670 m) – Chopok (2024 m) – trekking on the ridge – Poľana saddle (1837 m) - Demänovská valley (1120 m)

Grade: 3+
Duration: 7 hours
Trekking path in the forests, pine dwarfs - mostly stones, rather steep, relatively flat ridge(stones), rather steep descend to Jasna (mostly stone trekking path)

Trekking path 2: Demänovská jaskyňa Slobody (Cave of freedom) (843 m) – Sina (1560 m) – Demänovská Cave (843 m)

Grade: 3+
Duration: 4:15 hours
Steep trekking path in the woods, in the upper part also stone pavement 

Trekking path 3: Lift to Luková (1670 m) – Chopok (2024 m) – trekking on the ridge – Ďumbier (2043 m) – Čertovica pass (1238 m)

Grade: 2+
Duration: 6 hours
Rather steep path from Luková to Chopok and then easy hiking on the ridge.

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