Tatralandia Holiday Resort is the largest year-round water fun complex with accommodation in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. It is situated in Liptov region of Slovakia – a part of the country rich in cultural sights, typical folk culture and folklore, surrounded by the highest mountains in Slovakia – the High and Low Tatras, the Veľká (High) Fatra, the Malá (Low) Fatra  and the Choč Mountains. Discover all this and visit a place full of adventure and amusement - Aquapark Tatralandia with its year-round Tropical Paradise, the summer-only Funpark Tatralandia and the park´s own accommodation complex Holiday Village Tatralandia.


Aquapark Tatralandia offers 14 pools (10 operating all-year-round) with salt water, thermal water and clear water with temperatures up to 40°C. Children and adults can enjoy entertainment and relaxation whatever the season of the year. The composition of the water in Tatralandia has healing effects on the locomotive organs and respiratory system. Even in Liptov, you can treat yourself to the healing effects of thalasso-therapy (sea therapy) every day of the year in the saltwater pools in the Tropical Paradise. Salt, dissolved in water provides benefical stimulation for the central nervous system, improves blood circulation, causes no allergic reactions, improves skin condition, helps combat cellulite and excess weight, normalizes sleep, reduces fatigue, and has relaxation and disinfecting effects.

Tropical Paradise in Liptov  

The Tropical Paradise is divided into two parts by an old-fashioned sailing ship. On the left side, there is a water world consisting of four pools. Massage appliances for water therapy – loungers, jets (each of them massaging different part of your body) link the pools. In addition, a foot massage and water relaxation journey contribute to this moment of indulgence. There are two pools with clear water and the other two contain seawater, heated to a  comfortable 34-36. The salt dissolved in the water contains 32 chemical compounds, which have beneficial and relaxation effects overall body. Thus, you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of visiting the seaside (Thalasso-therapy) even in Liptov at any time of the year. In the middle of the four pools, there is a Barbados bar, which serves original cocktails for you to enjoy in the water or on the shore. Snorkelling is another new attraction.

You can recuperate and build new stamina for your next expedition in pursuit of Caribbean fauna. If you prefer, just take a nap in the shadow of real palm trees on one of the hundreds of comfortable loungers in the relaxation area of the Tropical Paradise. Thanks to the unique roof foil, you can work on your suntan even in winter at a constant inside temperature of 30°C.

Wellness Centre

Discover the magic of relaxation and enjoy a wide variety of massages, baths, wraps and other relaxation and curative procedures. In this amazing world you will recover lost energy and enjoy perfect relaxation. Find a little time just for yourself. Taste the power of relaxation in the new ETHANI Wellness Point inside the Tatralandia Tropical Paradise. Save time and enjoy every spare moment to the fullest. 

Celtic Sauna World

Celtic Sauna World is a unique complex of 21 steam, water and massage baths, saunas and procedures. It is able to activate all the human senses and in this way to regenerate and relieve the whole body. Only the Sauna World combines the pleasure of water (hydrotherapy), inspiring fragrances (aromatherapy), music (music therapy), and warmth – to strengthen your health and beauty.   

Holiday Village Tatralandia  Liptovský Mikuláš

Holiday Village Tatralandia offers accommodation in 155 cottages with the total

Holiday Village Tatralandia has an accommodation capacity of 700 beds in 155 cottages which are organised as a small holiday town. The cottages are divided in 11 thematic groups with a magical atmosphere. The fully equipped cottages ensure flawless privacy throughout the holiday. There has never been better accommodation in the region of Liptov!

Holiday Village Tatralandia is a truly unique complex, which combines fun, relaxation, adventures and a friendly atmosphere. The large number of attractions located in one-place guarantee unforgettable moments so that you can enjoy your free time on holiday to the fullest.

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