Spa Piešťany


The world famous spa town of Piešťany is located in the western part of Slovakia.

Piešťany spa is famous for its unique natural springs of thermal mineral water which rise from a depth of 2 000 meters. Mineral water is a major factor in the formation of our incomparable - curative sulfur mud.

The thermal water is full of minerals

The mineral water from the thermal springs contains an average of 1 500 mg of minerals in every litre. It rises from tectonic faults at a depth of about 2000 m and is then trapped at a depth of 60 m, which guarantees a constant chemical composition and temperature. The temperature of the springs is from 67 to 69 ° C. The wather is medium mineralized, sulphate-bicarbonate, calcium, sodium, sulphurous, hot water. Most treatments involve bathing but it can also be drunk.
The high sulphur content of the Piešťany Spa water is particularly benefitial for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases. Sulphur content in the water ranges (from 6 to 10 mg/ l), in various forms and chemical compounds (sulphates, sulphites, sulphides). What is important is the high content of hydrogen sulfide - an average of 4.7 mg per liter of water.

Sulphuric mud that heals

Sulphur mud offers the potential for treatments that are unique  in the European and global context. Prepared by original technology, the mud undergoes a maturing process and regeneration with numerous chemical and biological reactions.
The mature mud is steel blue or black, has a a greasy consistency, is plastic, it cools down four times faster than wate, compared to which has a 350 times higher viscosity.

Hotel Thermia Palace  ***** Piešťany

The hotel is located on a site noted for its thermal springs and healing mud, close to the Colonnade Bridge linking Spa Island to the town of Piešťany.

This hotel offers 111 luxurious, air-conditioned rooms – including 15 suites, equipped with a bathroom, flat-screen TV, Internet, a safe deposit box, 2 telephones, tea and coffee making facilities, a bathrobe, and hair dryer.  There are rooms with disabled access in the hotel.

Hotel Balnea Grand *** Piešťany

The Bath House is situated in a lush, green park, which is ideal for a gentle stroll or sitting in the shadow of hundred-year old trees. There are covered walkways to the balneotherapy centre on one side and to the Social centre on the other. The hotel has 161 rooms. 

Hotel Balnea Splendid  *** Piešťany

This modern hotel is located among century-old trees on Spa Island only a short walk from the golf course. The hotel has 303 rooms, including 19 suites with a balcony, bathroom, TV, telephone, refrigerator, safe deposit box, hair dryer and a bathrobe.

Hotel Balnea Esplanade **** Piešťany

This modern hotel is in a complex located in the lush park area in the centre of Spa Island. It has 455 rooms, including 21 suites with either a balcony or French doors, a bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, minibar, bathrobe and a hair dryer. Rooms with disabled access are available.

Hotel Pro Patria ** Piešťany

The Pro Patria spa hotel is situated on the southern part of Spa Island, close to the thermal mineral springs. It has its own balneotherapy centre able to provide the majority of treatments that guests require. The hotel is an ideal place for treating guests with a higher level of immobility. It offers accommodation in 149 rooms.

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